Extreme Makeover: Sig House Edition


The brothers of Iota are heading to the fraternity house for back-to-back work weekends, July 7th and 14th. Our beloved house needs help.

Among our intended goals are:

1) Floor repair, along with sealing

2) Prime and paint staircase

3) Paint ALL interior walls including all upstairs bedrooms

4) Install laminates on bathroom walls

5) Install new bathroom vanities

6) Build shelves in Zeke’s closet and wherever else needed

7) Replace non-working or broken door locks-interior and exterior

8 ) Replace light fixtures and ceiling fans if necessary

9) Assess exterior doors for possible replacement

10) Trim rear hedges to match front hedge height

11) Trim trees, sod where needed

12) Pressure wash all sidewalks,deck and needed parts of house

13) Discard leftover articles from closets and bedrooms

14) General clean-up of house and yard

To accomplish all the things on this list, it will take man power and
money. As previously mentioned in the first newsletter, available
funds have been designated for specific projects. We need donations
for the work weekends as soon as possible in order to purchase the
needed supplies. Send your donations ASAP to the alumni association,
the address listed below.

We have a new stainless steel commercial stove on the way, thanks to
previous donations. New shower doors, and toilet partitions, are
waiting to be installed. Completed projects include: fixing the
horrendous plumbing problems, installation of new upstairs showers
and toilets, bathroom sheet rocking and texturing, and repairing the
kitchen stove hood vent to meet code.

Anyone coming to these weekends is encouraged to bring paint supplies
(rollers, brushes, pans, etc) or tools that might help with the above
list. Below are the committee heads and their contact email addresses.
Below that, are the committed workers that we have heard from thus
far. Some that could not make either weekend have volunteered to come
later to follow up and finish any needed work. If you plan on
attending one or more dates, respond to this email so we can put you
on the list and get an accurate head count.

As we approach the weekends, an email will be sent out notifying
everyone of the various details. Unless you plan on sleeping in a
construction site, go to the Southwestern Web site for a list of area
hotels. S.U. Alumni get discounts at some hotels. Georgetown hosts
many sports events, so rooms go quickly. The advice is to do it now.

Check your email for committe head information, or contact Iota Scribe to be added to the newsletter list.


Send donations to: Iota Chapter Alumni Association
10400 Westoffice, Suite 114
Houston, Texas 77042

Now get on the phone or computer and contact your worthless pledge
brothers and re-live a little of your own Kappa Sigma History.

The Work Weekend Crew