Iota’s 125th Anniversary


Greetings. This is the home of the Iota Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, founded on the Southwestern University campus on October 12, 1886. The object of this fraternity is to enjoy and increase those pleasures which can only be obtained through the intercourse of congenial spirits. The correct Kappa Sigma time is: Registration Time. With whom do you wish to converse?

Ahthe memories. Do you have bruises (or a limp) from your fervent efforts to deliver that spiel (or some variation of it) to the upstairs phone? Did you know there was an upstairs phone once upon a time? Did you ever coat the upstairs phone with shaving cream then call from the downstairs phonejust for fun?

What did your Pledge Class gift to the chapter house? What did you gift to our fraternity neighbors? Are you due for Significant Recognition for your exploits? After 125 years, Iota has many stories to tell.

We invite you no, we demand that you make plans to attend the 125th celebration event on SU Homecoming Weekend, November 4-6, 2011. Yeah, its that close.

We encourage you to register with SU to attend Homecoming and the 125. Its going to be a great weekend. Just look at what we have on the schedule.

So, click here to start the registration process.

Want to know whos coming? Check out the list of those who have registered.

Do you ever wonder what became of that Pledge Brother that saved your @$$ so many times? Well, so do we! We have put together a list of Bros for whom we have no contact information. Check it out and see if you can find some Lost Friend & Brothers one more time.

Hey, we understand that life happens and this weekend may not be the best one for you. But, you should make time to attend this event. The Chapter House has never looked better. Seriously. In case you havent heard, the Alumni Association spent tons of time and money renovating the house this summer. You should come and see the palatial estate the Actives call home these days. You will not believe it.

If you absolutely cannot attend, please visit the Non-Attending Alumnus page to update your contact information. And, please consider making a donation to support the Chapter. Dont turn into a Lost Friend & Bro, because after the 125 we might not look for you for another 25 years.

If you have any problems with the registration process, email the 125th Anniversary Committee and well be happy to assist you.