Roy T’s Old Salado Bakery

Thanks goes to Brother David Wilson for pointing us to this article in the Austin American Statesmen.

Writes Wilson, “It’s an article about the Bush wedding, but tells a little about Roy T’s Bakery, owned and operated by our own Roy Knox Tyson [class of 1964]. Neat article and really neat bakery.”

In a feature on the town of Salado, Texas, writer Candace Birkelbach (any relation to you, David?) writes:

My first stop was Roy T’s Old Salado Bakery to get my caffeine fix. This place has a locals-only vibe, but don’t worry about looking clueless when you walk into the shop. Owner Roy “Knox” Tyson quickly pegged me as an “I-35er,” someone who just pulled in from the highway that runs directly in front of the shop, and helped me sort through the menu. If the homemade doughnuts and beignets don’t make you a lifetime patron of this New-Orleans style bakery, the coffee is sure to win you over. What’s with the New Orleans theme? Tyson went to Tulane University and fell in love with the Big Easy.

The Salado College T-shirts adorning the walls are a nod to the first co-ed college in Texas, which burned down in the 1920s. (Ask about getting an honorary degree!)

There are also daily blue plate specials and the family’s own unique recipe for Manhattan-style pizza. And you can wash it down with a classic Dublin Dr Pepper.

You can find the full article here: