Notes from Brothers

Brothers –

Keep up the great work! I am trapped in WI’s North Woods right now, so I hope some cash can help in my absence. I can’t wait to see the House when I am back in town.

Matt Barnes

Brothers –

I was looking at my phone today and it appears I called the house about six times around five am Sunday morning. As I recall, I was trying to inquire whether the refrigerator was running. Anyways, here’s my monthly contribution check.


Brothers –

William Granger Grace made his way into the world on July 9 at 11:42 PM. He’s 7 pounds, 13 ounces, and 20 inches long. His older brother, James, is very happy (and his parents are very tired!)

Jimmy (The Rev. James M.L. Grace)

Alumni Association Update

An excerpt from the Fall Alumni Newsletter: 

Alumni dues are akin to SU’s annual giving, or a public radio fundraising campaign, and like every other non-profit, the Iota Alumni Association fundraising goes to support operating costs for our fraternity, of which we all still derive great benefit.

Operating costs pay for the following in priority order:

  1. Loan repayment
  2. House repairs (Next up: stove, vent hood, and plumbing)
  3. Homecoming and Alumni weekends
  4. Scholarship and rush

We spent many years fundraising in a “crisis environment” and we still need to make the shift toward fundraising in a “normal” environment for simple fi scal and operational health.

Membership dues averaged $158 per alumni last year with gifts ranging from the minimum of $60 to $5,000.

Recent Financial History:

  • Summer 2003: Iota Alumni Association took out a 15 year note of $150,000 at 5.5% interest per annum from Southwestern University for House improvements including, but not limited to kitchen, deck, floor, windows, fire alarm and security.
  • 2004: More than 110 alumni and friends contributed in $15 to $5,000 contributions.
  • 2005: More than 70 alumni contributed in $25 to $5,000.
  • Fall 2006: Our first scholarship of approximately $1000 is granted for this fall semester for Robert Atkinson, a sophomore active from San Diego. The next scholarship awarded should be for approximately $3000
  • Fall 2006: Several alumni and an alumni pledge class paid dues for three Active brothers who were unable to pay. This enabled the Active Chapter to be 100% prepaid for the entire semester (dues and rent) for the first time in history.
  • Beyond 2007, what’s the picture for long-term financial stability?

Please join the Iota Alumni Association today by sending in a check or contact:

Charles Bedard
24 Greenway Plaza Suite 440
Houston, TX 77046
bedard at ephorgroup dot com

Scholarship Report: Alumni Association President Blake Stanford

Dear Brothers,

Many of you have supported the Iota Chapter and Southwestern University in many ways over the years. As your Alumni Association President, I am pleased to report the fruits of our effort and the first Southwestern Greek endowed scholarship fund.

Through the effort of Friends and Brothers, the fund was initiated in the spring of 2005 and now totals $59,044. Our first scholarship of approximately $1000 was granted for this fall semester for Robert Atkinson, a sophomore Kappa Sigma active from San Diego, California. The next scholarship awarded should be for approximately $3000.

The Kappa Sigma Iota Endowed Scholarship Fund is a permanent endowment fund established by our Chapter’s Alumni Association for the benefit of Active members of the Fraternity. Iota Chapter University students in good standing and demonstrating the highest levels of academic excellence and leadership in the University are eligible for the annual scholarship awards. This is truly a new and unique way to assist its members with their University education, promote the Active Chapter on campus, and support your Alma Mater.

Many brothers have expressed a desire to give to the Chapter through a tax deductible donation. This is your chance. Please lend your financial support to this endeavor, and take this opportunity to make your donation to this worthy endeavor. If you are already giving gifts to the University, please designate them towards the Fund by noting this designation on your check.

When remitting your check, please make payable to: “Southwestern University – Kappa Sigma Endowed Fund”. Also, please check with your employer for availability of matching funds towards your personal, tax deductible gift. If you have any questions, please contact me personally at home (512-452-5260), work (512-467-7916) or via email, blake at swhuman dot org. Our contact person at Southwestern University, Kent Huntsman, Associate Vice President for Development, can be
reached at 512-863-6511. or by by writing to his attention at P.O. BOX 770, Georgetown, TX 78627-0770.

The Board of Directors of the Iota Alumni Association urges you to show your support for Kappa Sigma now. Remember – “Not for a day, an hour, or a college term only, but for LIFE”.

Blake Stanford
President, Iota Alumni Association

Homecoming Fall 2006

Over 108 brothers attended this year’s Homecoming and the celebration of our 120th anniversary making it the most well attended Iota gathering since Centennial. Brothers came from as far away as California (Neil Ormond, Tim Stapleton and Thad Davis) to Colorado (Roger Davidson) to D.C. (Tyson Hinds) to Montana (Bob Blair) and from all around Texas (Jesse Blalock from Kingwood, Robert Barton from Kerrville, and Billy Davis from Georgetown).

Festivities included a poker tournament, champagne toast, and awards reception. And a little partying. Over 210 people attended the afternoon reception including Southwestern offi cials such as President Schrum, Iota actives, alumni, family and friends. A solemn and heartfelt moment occurred with a reading of passed brothers and moment of silence. Matt Barnes’ lineage project got off to a great start and will be unveiled at Alum Weekend 2007.

A big thanks to Bruce Barrick and Erik Harpst for planning a phenomenal Homecoming and 120th Anniversary. We look forward to a huge turnout at Alumni Weekend March 30th – April Fool’s Day when the Alumni lay the smack down on the actives in the annual Active/Alumni softball game.

Video of a skit written by Kevin Jones and Beau Henry and performed during the festivities is available here: