3 Things To Know About House Maintenance Weekend

First, the summer tradition continues.
If you’ve never trekked back to G-town to sweat it out at the House with some Iota’s finest from across the decades, consider joining in.

The Iota experience lives on. It’s truly lifelong and year round.

Second, there’s plenty of work anyone and everyone can accomplish.
Specialized skills are welcome but not required.

There’s landscape maintenance such as trimming of trees and bushes.

Inside, there’s a reliable dose of floor repair and maintenance, interior painting or touch up, bringing the kitchen back into code compliance, and such.

We’ll update this one or add a post with any specific special projects to be completed this year.

Finally, you should know when to show-up and how long to stay!
Plan on joining friends and brothers from Saturday August 10 from 8am to 5pm.
There’s often a dinner out at Walburg Saturday night, everyone’s invited, and a final wrap-up on Sunday.

Bonus item:
If contributions of time and energy are not possible, consider a monetary donation of any amount via Iotachapter.org. Just click on the Paypal link.

And finally, enjoy some snapshots of summers past: