3 Things About Greek Weekend

1) Come to Greek Weekend, April 7-8

2) Register by Sunday, April 2 online. It’s a free weekend. SU needs a headcount for food and such.

3) Alumni vs. Active Softball will take place Saturday afternoon as it does every year. Details and location to follow.

See you there!

2 thoughts on 3 Things About Greek Weekend

  1. Dear Brothers,

    We need all the Alums to show up for Greek Weekend to share and to once again crush the Active Chapter in softball. It’s one of our few opportunities to appreciate, gain and restore perspective.

    The House is in pretty good shape and it’s getting better every work weekend. There is always a lot to do and major projects are only lacking funding support.

    I hope to see everyone there so I can just bat once and have a pinch runner!

    Pat Sparks

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