Alumni Weekend Will Be April 8th.

Save the dates, April 8 thru 10, for the 43rd Alumni Weekend! 

And, in unrelated news, enjoy a moment of holiday spirit here courtesy of the active chapter.

2 thoughts on Alumni Weekend Will Be April 8th.

  1. Thnaks for the thoughtful message. I was initiated in 1959 and have a picture of Zeke in his closet. Would the chapter like that? He lived there beginning in 1961. John Roark. Keep up the brotherhood….AEKDB

  2. John – I’m sure the chapter would love a copy of Zeke in his closet — how cool! Our alumni archivist, Erik H. would as well. He’s keeping safe original photos and copies other artifacts. I’ll send you his home address if you want to send via the mail… AEKDB, Jonathan

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