A plea from struggling Actives

Greetings Iota Brothers,

We are Douglas Thayer and Stephen Brown, Iota Fall ’10 pledge class, and we’d like to help you with your next technical project. We’re both artistically as well as very technically inclined: Stephen is a third year computer science major with a background in software development and web-design, and Douglas (a senior) is a top-notch graphic designer with experience in a range of print and digital media. Our experience working together closely through the chapter means we can accomplish your project to your specific needs within a reasonable timeframe.
We have a particular reason for appealing to the brothers of Iota for your business – both of us are at Southwestern on a combination of loans and scholarship and are having trouble paying our chapter dues. The proceeds from our work would given entirely to the chapter treasurer in order to pay our dues in full and allow us to remain active members of the chapter. We’re open to any kind of project, but here’s a list of some of the things we do well:

-Web design (personal or business oriented)
-Software development
-Graphic design and corporate Logos
-IT work and computer repair
-Custom computer construction
-Mobile and tablet application development
-Home and business network setup

This list is by no means comprehensive! Our primary goal is to, by any way possible, pay our dues to the chapter and be in good standing. Please contact us if you have any project (technical or not) in mind and we can work it out – we’d be glad to do some landscaping too! We have a portfolio available upon request if you are interested.
We look forward to meeting all of you that we haven’t yet at the 125th next month!

Stephen Brown
4109197945 or browns at southwestern.edu
Douglas Thayer
8057045575 or thayerd at southwestern.edu

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  1. Hello Stephen and Douglas:

    I’m looking for help with a product launch for a niche market. Also, are you proficient in Drupal? Are either of you .net programmers?

    We will be at the IOTA 125th.

    It’s a long story, but I am court reporter married to a wonderful man who went to Southwestern in 1954 to ’58.

    For years, I dreamed of a better way to be booked as a court reporter, without all the hassles of back and forth phone calls, etc. My idea has morphed into being a potential tool for all legal professionals who need to hire independent contractor reporters, videographers, translators/interpreters, paralegals, etc. I envision (and hope :)) it will become an international database where all legal contractors/freelancers can post their services (court reporter, speciality (real time), city, travel radius. etc.) and then for a small fee allow for instant bookings from their favorite agencies and respond to requests to book from anyone around the world. The way these people are hired now is by phone, leaving messages, emails, texting, etc. It is a huge hassle for everyone involved.
    We need talented brains, and like most all startups, we are on a very limited budget until we can bring in investors and/or launch and bring in revenue. One of the most important things we need right now is a comprehensive plan for launching in Texas and then beyond. We’ll be starting with court reporters and the agencies who hire them, such as courthouses, court reporting firms and independent contractor reporters, videography firms and independent contractor videographers, etc.
    If you are interested in helping us, we could meet on Nov. 4th, and you could sign our NDA.
    Again, I don’t want to get your hopes up because we are on a limited budget until we launch and start getting some money in. But we can discuss all of this on Saturday, Nov. 5th. if you are interested.
    Looking forward to meeting you both.
    Cynthia Ramsay
    Married to Charles Ramsay, Kappa Sigma

  2. Email me to discuss. I have two projects that we have been trying to get off the ground. The first is a database project and the other is a IPad application.

    Michael Orsak
    Spring 1995
    512-472-6222 x247

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