August 13th: Alumni/Active EC Retreat

We are going to hold the bi-annual EC retreat at 11 a.m. on 8/13 at the newly renovated house. Please let me know if you can attend via email or add a comment to this post. I’ve talked with the actives, and we should have nearly everyone.

We’ll have quite a few things to discuss. A rough agenda appears below. Let me know if you have any thing to add or remove.

House Updates
– Updates on renovations
– New House policies/rental agreement

125th Anniversary/Homecoming
– Dates and Info

Brotherhood Development
– Discussion

Please forward on to other alumni that would be interested in attending.



3 thoughts on August 13th: Alumni/Active EC Retreat

  1. Possibly I can attend but must wait and see and will let you know by Thursday

  2. Will not be attending due to only niece getting married that evening. I must say that we need a joint effort to put together the house operations and maintenance manual. It should be complete with any and all factory data, warranty information, service contacts, specs including model and serial # for all electromechanical devices.

    Checklists that can be copied and inserted which act as a written log and reminder as to what needs to be done when and then recorded upon completion.

    We need a sign outside that states; WARNING: The next butt on the ground may be your own! Only squirrels leave debris.

  3. See that ugly concrete under the Sig Sign in the photo? It is now a color similar to the limestone. Looks great! Thanks to all for helping. Renovation is a slow process but is starting to really look good. Bad news is: more to do. Let’s getterdone! Less than 3 months till our celebration!

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