Join the Final Work Weekend – August 6th

from Alumni Adviser Tim Stapleton

FINAL WORK WEEKEND – Don’t miss your chance to leave a lasting (positive) impression on the on the house. Saturday, August 6th will be the next, and hopefully final, work weekend at the house. We still have a lot to do to ensure the house is ready for the new school year.

For those of you artsy folks, we have lot of paint prep work that needs to be done, but if the outdoors is more your thing, we have a lot of earthwork and gardening too. I’m sure we can find something up your alley!

Work will be going on all day, you can’t get there to early, and you can’t get there too late. Any time at all you can contribute will be greatly appreciated.

If you like working with your own tools, we can always use extra shovels, paint brushes, rollers, sand papers, blue painting tape, steel wool (various grades), water blaster or pressure washer, pruning tools, wire cutters, and strong backs. Be sure to label your tools before arrival.

There has already been a lot of volunteers who have already given a lot of their time and energy, it would be great to see you there.

3 thoughts on Join the Final Work Weekend – August 6th

  1. Tim,

    There is no final workday at the house as it needs constant TLC from the active chapter through out the year!

  2. Brothers,

    The work and money being invested in the House is not just a facelift/renovation but a signalling of a new era of responsibility and commitment by all who associate and are part of Kappa Sigma.

    Now, as we approach the 125th, driven by pride and necessity, the Brothers who are involved most significantly need all the fiscal and physical involvement that can be called upon by those who can further assist.

    Tremendous strides have been made and there are noticeable differences in the integrity of the House, the aesthetics of the grounds and the House and how the whole property is managed.

    Pat Sparks

  3. Was passing thru town bout a month ago. Things are coming together nicely.little behind schedule but that’s ok. Really looking forward tocoming up for the 125th…….L.A.G.N.A.F…… T Court Greer

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