Raheem M. Sarcar, Emerging IT Leader

This evening, I had the pleasure of interviewing my long time friend and pledge brother Raheem Sarcar via Skype.

Inspired by the initiative and social media entrepreneurship of Raheem, this post kicks off what I hope will become an enduring and valued series of “Professional Profiles” of Iota Chapter alumni.Raheem Sarcar_IT Leaders Today

In this recording, you’ll get the story of Raheem’s name change straight from the source. It’s a really cool story – something this PB was really glad to learn. You’ll also learn about Raheem’s work in IT and his new social media project, IT Leaders Today (http://itleaderstoday.com/).

This audio recording a.k.a. “podcast” runs about 16 minutes. It’s basically unedited. Today’s storms in North Texas caused a lost connection you’ll notice about five minutes into the interview. Enjoy and please post your comments, feedback, and ideas for future alumni profiles.


Raheem Sarcar (pledge class – Spring 95) is a systems administrator at a non-profit in New York City. In his spare time, he runs a website about leadership and management in information technology called IT Leaders Today (http://itleaderstoday.com). His interests include technology, entrepreneurship and travel. He can be reached at raheemm1@yahoo.com.

5 thoughts on Raheem M. Sarcar, Emerging IT Leader

  1. Excellent interview! Hey, what happened to Ricky? Did you leave that behind in Alabama? Raheem, you have inspired me–I just subscribed to your site and I look forward to seeing great things from you.


  2. So nice o hear from my little bro! Congrats on your IT initiative.

    Hey Goody, your tone of voice has evolved. You sound like an experienced radio host.

    Be well,


  3. Jon & Raheem, Great interview! Even with the connectivity snag you both did a good job sharing information. I have to admit, not being too big in IT (high school teacher) I was more interested to hear the name-change backstory, but the IT initiatives are impressive as well.
    Keep up the good work,

  4. Bernard, since you have the distinction of living beyond our borders and being otherwise interesting, you’re next!

    Will, thanks for the feedback. We’ll figure it out as we go, but I hope to maintain a general interest while also getting at least a peak into the professional lives of our alumni. Raheem was gracious enough to be the test case and did a great with it!


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