Alumni Weekend Announced for March 27-28

Alumni Weekend for the Spring of 2009 will take place over the final weekend in March, from Friday March 27 through Saturday March 28.

Program details will follow, but you can probably count on the following:

  • Friday Night Poker Tournament
  • Coffee & Doughnuts
  • A General Active & Alumni Meeting
  • Lunch on the Lawn
  • Babies
  • Softball
  • Your PB’s kids one year older since you saw them last year
  • Dinner at your favorite spot around town
  • Music on the porch courtesy of acoustic guitars and Bruce Barrick
  • Lots of fun and fellowship
  • A live band that you can dance to
  • A surprise visit from someone you’ve not seen in years

You can count on a lot more too…

Mark your calendars. Make the case to your wife now. It may help to ask her to come. The kids too.

See you in March!

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  1. Made the case…but can’t make it…next year maybe…give me a call if you are in DC

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