Iota Chapter Endowed Scholarship Awarded to Brother John "Johnny B" Burden

Thanks to all of the Brothers and friends of the Fraternity who have made contributions to Southwestern University in the name of the “Kappa Sigma Iota Endowed Scholarship Fund.”

Active Brother John “Johnny B” Burden was awarded the scholarship for the 2008/09 academic term.

Johnny B is pictured far left, with the group who participated in the SING competition at Homecoming.

SING_Johnny B

For those not familiar with the scholarship, here’s a full copy of the Memorandum of Understanding with the University



Memorandum of Understanding

This permanent endowment fund is established by the Iota Alumni Association, and shall be named and known in perpetuity as the Kappa Sigma Iota Endowed Scholarship.

The University agrees to invest the funds donated to this endowment in a prudent manner pursuant to the applicable endowment investment policies promulgated by the Board of Trustees of the University, as may be revised from time to time, and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Any policy to the contrary notwithstanding, the University agrees that all annual withdrawals from the Kappa Sigma Iota Endowed Scholarship Fund shall be applied at least annually to support the purposes described herein and shall not be applied to any other account or used or distributed in any manner except as provided below.

This Endowment is permanent, and therefore, only the annual withdrawals are available to support the purposes described herein. Annual withdrawals from the endowment shall be calculated by applying the spending formula determined by the Board of Trustees, as revised from time to time. The University shall endeavor to make the first scholarship distribution from this scholarship fund within the first year from the date this endowment reaches the collective funding level of $25,000.

Subject to the distribution provisions above, the University’s Office of Financial Aid shall award scholarships on an annual or semi-annual basis to students of the University who meet the characteristics set forth below as evaluated by the University annually or semi-annually.

First Preference: University students in good standing who are members of the Iota Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Among such eligible recipients, preference should be given to such members who demonstrate the highest levels of academic excellence and/or leadership in the University community.

Second Preference: If no University students meet the First Preference guidelines above, the annual withdrawal will be awarded to University students in good standing who are members of any fraternity which is traditionally social in nature (for example, Phi Delta Theta Fraternity or Kappa Alpha Order). Among such eligible recipients, preference should be given to fraternity members who demonstrate the highest levels of academic excellence and/or leadership in the University community.

Third Preference: If no University students meet the First or Second Preference guidelines above, the University may award the annual withdrawal to any University students of its choice.

The Fund shall become active when gifts to the fund attain a level of $25,000 or more.

Philanthropy a Major Focus for Active Chapter in 2008/09

Reporting on first semester activities of the active chapter during the recent Active and Alumni meeting during the Homecoming and Reunion Weekend, Brother Martin Fergus, Philanthropy Chair, detailed the list of non-profit and charitable organizations benefiting from the energies of the Iota Chapter. These include:

  • Darfur Awareness Week in conjunction with Student Peace Alliance (also headed by Brother Fergus)
  • Voter Registration Drive: resulting in 85 newly registered voters
  • Red Cross volunteering in support of Hurricane Ike relief
  • The Caring Place of Georgetown, volunteering in support of the local area food bank and donation center
  • Lymphoma research, a fundraising effort with all-night volleyball on the lawn

Next semester, the actives have plans to support the Fisher House, a charitable support network providing housing and accommodation for military families. This effort is part of the  Kappa Sigma National Fraternity campaign to raise $100,000 in support of the Fisher House.

Brother Jeremiah Jarrell Finishes IRONMAN Florida

Finishing 84 out 236 participants in his age group, in an impressive overall time of 11:01:56, Jeremiah completed his first Ironman triathlon on November 1, 2008 in Panama City Beach Florida.

The 10th annual Ford Ironman Florida saw a total of 2,200 participants, who like Jeremiah, spent the better part of a year, often training 30-40 hours per week to reach their goal of completing this event.

To this writer’s knowledge, Jeremiah may be the first Iota Brother to complete a full length Ironman, comprised of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike course, and a full 26.2 mile marathon.

Please extend your congratulations to Jeremiah! He’ll be at Homecoming, less than a week since his big race.

Great job Miah!

FREE T-shirts for Homecoming

Hello Kappa Sigmas, spouses, friends,

I have printed up COMMEMORATIVE, limited-edition T-shirts for this year’s Homecoming.

To get your FREE Commemorative limited-edition T-shirt, all you have to do is  pay your ALUMNI DUES for 2008 ($60) and you get a FREE T-shirt. Pre-pay your 2009 dues, and get the same deal. If you want more than one, the T’s are $20 each. This is for the charity of Kappa Sigma. All of the proceeds will go to the Kappa Sigma Alumni Fund and to help one active pay his active dues for the semester.

To PRE-ORDER your shirt, please respond by email with your size preference. If you are not coming to Homecoming and want it shipped to you, please specify that in the email. I will include shipping in the cost of the shirt. $20 per shirt. Why not order some for the whole family?

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Alan Haworth
(214) 750-2006 Direct