Dispatch from the ’60’s Kappa Sigma Reunion in Salado

Brother Alan Haworth (Alumni Treasurer) traveled to the Stagecoach Inn at Salado, TX, for an evening over the weekend of May 16-18 as a inter-generational emissary to the Iota Brothers from the decade of the 1960s. Here are a few thoughts from Alan:

30-40 guys from the 1960s gathered at Salado’s Stagecoach Inn for the weekend. I attended the dinner/happy hour on Friday only

Brother John Roark was great at introducing me around the happy hour. The conversations were constructive and I learned a lot. They encouraged more people our age to come to their weekends in May/June. They have been doing them in Sulpher Springs for four years. They also mentioned that they would like to know the dates of Homecoming and Alum Weekend earlier.

After dinner, John Roark introduced me again and I gave an update on the house, scholastics, new initiates [numbering] 10, and everything that went on last summer with renovations. They all seemed very excited to hear the good news and wanted to come around more. I also talked up the 125th anniversary that is coming soon [in 2011].

I think I met every person and got good feedback from David Wilson, Jack Irons, John Roark, Hank Smith, and others.

Overall, I felt like they WANTED to know more people our age. I felt like they were impressed that so many guys from the 90s are lawyers/doctors and successful professionals. I think they were even SURPRISED.



Thanks Alan, for your report and for representing those from 90s so well.

So, everyone, mark your calendars now for either the last weekend in March or the first weekend in April 2009 for Alumni Weekend (dates to be confirmed, watch this space).

Homecoming 2008 will take place November 7-9, 2008.

To the Brothers of the 1960s, we’d love an invitation to visit your reunion weekend next year. We promise not to crash the party. In the spirit of fraternity and brotherhood, we’d love to get to know you all.

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  1. Thanks for your report and efforts, Alan. I was especially impressed by your association of “lawyers” and “successful” in the same sentence without a hint of facetiousness.

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