Save the date for Alumni Weekend 2008: April 4-6

Attention all alumni:

Mark your calendars now for the annual Alumni Weekend – to take place over the weekend of April 4-6th.

Compared to our other annual gathering during the Southwestern Homecoming Weekend, you’ll recall Alumni Weekend as much less formal affair. Friendly Friday night card playing gives way to a nice Saturday gathering on the lawn with a group lunch for the whole family. Then Active vs. Alumni softball with the Spring Pledge Class (rumored to be numbered in the double digits) officiating with the utmost impartiality and fairness, followed up by an evening of live music and fellowship.

Bring yourself, your family if you like, your softball glove, and a big appetite!

We look forward to seeing you in April!


1 thought on Save the date for Alumni Weekend 2008: April 4-6

  1. We need all the bros who can play ball to come back this year as the Actives are already talking mad smack – especially a really pesky active named Ben who plays for the SU team.

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