Alumni Weekend 2010 Set for April 9th & 10th

Alumni Weekend for the Spring of 2010 will take place over the second weekend in April, from Friday April 9 through Saturday April 10.

Program details will follow, but you can probably count on the following:

  • Friday Night Poker Tournament
  • Coffee & Doughnuts
  • A General Active & Alumni Meeting
  • Lunch on the Lawn
  • Babies, Toddlers, and Kids
  • Softball (field TBD)
  • Your PB’s kids one year older since you saw them last year
  • Dinner at your favorite spot around town
  • Instrumental music and singing on the porch
  • Lots of fun and fellowship
  • A live band that you can dance to
  • A surprise visit from someone you’ve not seen in years

You can count on a lot more too…

Mark your calendars. Make the case to your wife now. It may help to ask her to come. The kids too.

See you in April!