The Spirit of Iota Chapter

New pictures have been added to the Work Weekend Gallery.

The pictures do little to capture the progress nor the Kappa Sigma spirit displayed by brothers who have transformed the House yet again with skill, love and care. Many emails have been exchanged commenting on what’s been accomplished this summer. Here’s an excerpt from Brother Erik Harpst’s communication:

I come away with a huge sense of satisfaction, both from the communication but also from the fact that through all this, we have achieved an even stronger brotherhood. To see the alumni (some as old as 60), working side by side by new initiates, was priceless and unforgettable. Many of the younger guys worked very hard.  It is never too late to make new friends. That is one thing that has always impressed me about Iota is that  the old and young are so compatible.

This past weekend we had many that contributed both time and money. Thanks to J.L. for once again feeding the flock. The gumbo was great! Special thanks go to William McCall’s beautiful wife Elyn, who not only kept us from getting heat stroke with her water supply, but dazzled us with her painting skills. William’s bathroom counter top is nothing but Spectacular!  Among the many that came  was Matt Seger, from Skidmore.

This effort over the summer has been unbelievable. We expected to go in and do a little painting and repair and call it a day. We easily could have. With the help of brothers like Joe Abel, things are being done right. And, to do things right is costing  money. Most people working have also put up a lot of their own money. The work on our house is still not done (getting close). If you cannot come to Georgetown, please help by sending money. We really need help. With the KA and Pike house run by the school and the Phi House condemned by the fire marshal so that no one can reside there (parties only), we are the only independent fraternity house on campus. It will take funds and a strong brotherhood to assure our longevity. 

Again, thanks to all that have sacrificed their weekends and week days for the betterment of Iota. Hopefully, as role models, you have planted the seeds of a strong brotherhood that will take us past our 125th in 2010, and into the future.

Erik Harpst

For those who wish to send donations, send to:

Iota Chapter Alumni Association
10400 West Office, Suite 114
Houston, Texas 77042

Last Push Before the Semester Starts

Ths weekend, August 17-19, Brothers will gather again at the House to continue working on a number of projects.

Here’s a sampling of what we’ll tackle:

  1. Carpeting
  2. Insulation
  3. Bathroom walls, fixture, sinks, plumbing and finishing
  4. Bathroom toilet partitions
  5. Shower doors
  6. Parquet floor repair and conditioning
  7. Outdoor painting
  8. Sandblasting
  9. Door repair (main doors)
  10. Old log removal
  11. Landscaping maintenance, lawn mowing
  12. Kitchen painting

Come join the effort! All help is wanted, needed, and appreciated. Food and brotherhood will be provided free of charge.

We’ve a number of brothers to recognize for making monumental efforts in time, energy, expertise, financial support, and coordination during the past several months to make important progress on getting the House into shape. We’ll be sure to give credit and recognition on this site and during Homecoming this year. Thanks to everyone for your efforts – you know you are!

Note: after Saturday’s work, the Active and EC leadership will adjourn for a retreat at Marshal’s to plan for the upcoming semester and year. All are welcome to attend this meeting as well.